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Ages: 4 Month to 6 years

Kids Haven is a Bilingual Creche/Kleuterskool situated in Rietfontein (moot).
We started to operate fully in 2016. Kidz Haven creche is a small creche with 7 staff members.

We are providing care for all children regardless of race, gender or economic status. We are operating under the philosophy that children need to be treated with warmth and respect.

The children served by the creche is surrounded with experiences that will foster physical, social, academic, emotional and cognitive growth.

The atmosphere at the creche embodies loving tenderness while encouraging independence, constructive problem solving, positive self-esteem and improved self- worth.
The centre provides low-income families, as well as couple working parents and single families with quality childcare thereby assisting families with personal & financial stability.



When I am working fitting small pieces together I am concentrating and developing my fine motor skills.
This is good practice - I will need to use these small muscles for holding a pencil when I learn to write.
When I finish, make, or master something I feel good about myself. 


In the art area I am expressing myself and being creative.
I am using my small muscles and am developing eye-hand coordination.
I am seeing cause and effect and the different properties of my materials.
I am exploring all different types of media.
All of my creations are unique and special – like me! 


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". When I am playing in the dramatic play area I try on various roles to help me process and understand my world.
I am developing my social skills and ability to play with others, while using my imagination and being creative.
I am exploring concepts and relationships by acting them out. 


Participating in group time teaches me that I am part of a larger community.
I am also learning some things I will need to be able to do when I get to school – sit without bothering others, listen, wait my turn, and how to follow directions.
Many educational concepts are introduced at this time. 


When I help take care of my classroom I feel important and a part of things.
It also helps to teach me responsibility and independence.
I like to know that I can help! 


The writing area lets me experience and explore the written word.
I am able to see how the written word is a part of my world.
When I play “office” I am practicing my letters and writing skills, which helps prepare me for school. 


With number activities I am experiencing mathematical concepts hands-on.
I count, sort, classify, match, measure, compare, group, judge amounts and proportions, and learn about shapes, sizes, and quantities.
I learn 1-to-1 correspondence, problem-solving, and about spatial relationships. 


Time outdoors is very important to me!
It’s a release for me - I am able to run and jump and scream and get all of my energy out!
The fresh air is good for me.
I am also developing my large muscles, balance, and coordination while I play. 


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Grades 1 - 3

Some kids are really struggling in the foundation phase...
Here at Kidz Haven we have qualified Teachers that will assist with your
childs homework and extra work in the areas the are struggling with.

We provide a lunch with juice.

Our Mission is to be dedicated in providing exceptional tender loving
care while making learning fun.

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